Month: July 2015

A little goes a long way

After surfing the web and avoiding sharks (porn) I found some interesting links and immensely helpful vids on how to maintain a beard. This will come in handy when I am actually capable of growing one…(sobs a little)

A site by the name of has a numerous amount of information regarding chin-straps so that you aren’t left in the dark. I think it’s Bangarang bro. Check it out. Do it. Do it now…

After you’ve checked that (I hope) here are some useful videos on grooming your face because lets be honest, before you had a beard did you know how to maintain it in any way besides growing it? Well whatever just watch the damn vids.

Soooooooo  I hope this helps and now I really want one (beardless sob)

That’s all for now cheers guys.

The Three Whiskerteers

In the mysterious campus known as MGI/CTI there exist three…

These bearded Bro’s are the last that stand against the tyranny of Swagletts, the social conforming douchebags that twist the minds of the nation with their trends of Swag, Yolo and Dope Shit.

Hailing from the three origins of colour, these Bro’s have mighty power bestowed upon them. They are the secret knights of the campus… The Brunette knight. The Ginger Knight, and the Blond knight!

20150415_154659 20150416_122539 20150416_124122

These three knights wield majestic and powerful beards that are paralleled to no other (except the mighty Felix). All are great bro’s and and all wield powerful friendship. Find them and adventures are guaranteed.

Alrighty then. That is all. Until next time, for Boobery!

Top Ten of Beards

Men and Gentle Ladies… The time has come… for the Top Ten most manliest of man beard facts! Without further a boob…let us indulge in these scrumptious and stupendous facts:

#10: Otto The Great swore by his beard when saying anything serious.

#9:Beards act as filters for the wearers, helping men who suffer from pollen or dust allergies.

#8: Cultivating facial hair is called “Pogonotrophy”.

#7: The average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer every year.

#6: Simply not shaving can reduce acne and blemishing. Shaving can spread bacteria around the face.

#5: Abe Lincoln grew his iconic beard after a little girl named Grace Bedel wrote a letter to him telling him he would look better with one.

#4: In the Middle Ages, touching another mans beard was considered offensive and was grounds for a duel. Manly!

OH LAWD ITS A FIRE…. I mean, the Top 3.

#3: Facial hair grows faster when a man hasn’t had sex for a while….

#2: It is a myth that shaving makes your beard grow faster….bugger.

#1: On Average… women find a man with a full beard 2/3 as attractive as when he is clean shaven.

And there you have it. My top ten Beard facts, if you disagree with any of them, you dumb, they are facts for a reason.That and I am only wrong once in a blue moon, and blue moons don’t exist so ha!

Hopefully that helps you and I’ve got cake to eat so cheerio!