A little goes a long way

After surfing the web and avoiding sharks (porn) I found some interesting links and immensely helpful vids on how to maintain a beard. This will come in handy when I am actually capable of growing one…(sobs a little)

A site by the name of Beards.org has a numerous amount of information regarding chin-straps so that you aren’t left in the dark. I think it’s Bangarang bro. Check it out. Do it. Do it now…

After you’ve checked that (I hope) here are some useful videos on grooming your face because lets be honest, before you had a beard did you know how to maintain it in any way besides growing it? Well whatever just watch the damn vids.

Soooooooo  I hope this helps and now I really want one (beardless sob)

That’s all for now cheers guys.

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