Day: 17/08/2015

The Illusion of Growth

Ok. So as much as you wish it to be true, shaving does not make a beard grow faster. Yes it sucks. However, when there is a will, there are boobs! We may not be able to make it grow faster, but we can make it SEEM so.

All human hair grows at the same rate. (Which is about 1,25 cm per month). What this means is that even those guys whos beards appear to grow faster than everyone else, yeah no, its really just going at the standard rate. So THAT means its YOUR beard that grows SLOWER. Feel free to cry a little. I know I did.

There are three things that give the illusion of a faster growing beard:

Colour -darker hair appears thicker

Diameter -some have large, thick hairs; others have thin hairs

Density -thicker beards fill up faster and so appear to grow faster

Taking this into account we can be sure to have a few practices to help simulate hair growth. One is to exercise, obviously, healthy body – healthy beard and hair. Two is to stress less. Stress can kill not only your beard hair but your actual hair too! Three is Rest. People who sleep 5 hours or less a night will suffer in testosterone levels, as much as 15 percent. Four, Eat healthy. This is just common sense so…nuff said.

Lastly, Be Patient. Time is your greatest ally, let her do her thing and you just might see some serious boobery.

Got it? Good.