Day: 24/08/2015

Suit Up…

One of the most powerful combinations for men is most definitely the Beard/Suit combo.

If the Beard is the weapon, then the suit is like the slick and streamlined holster.Just as long as you understand your tailored designs and styles, you will be the most suave MI6 agent to wield the double zero’s , with a beard.

Disagree? Then feast your eyes on these badasses…

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Any Questions?

Short in Height, But not in Beard

Ever wonder if a short person grows their beard too long it might become a tripping hazard? Me too. Short people have it rough, but this doesn’t dictate that they aren’t as equally awesome as everyone else. One such individual who has gained fame from his challenged altitude is none other than Peter Dinklage, also known as the Imp from Game of Thrones.

As awesome as he is, his beard just helps him be that much more debonair.


And his beard is just oh so suave…

Cast member Peter Dinklage arrives for the premiere of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York

but if you want something even more fantastical than that… here is an old photo of him with a Mullet. Just goes to show how much better the beard is…


Little Angry people

One thing that I think about sometimes has got me curious. Every time I picture a Dwarf, he has a beard. Apparently with the many questions and interviews with J.R.R Tolkien, basically every dwarf has a beard.

So this can be interesting at best. But what is absolutely ludicrous is the fact that not only are beards an integral part of being a dwarf, they are such a strong characteristic that even the Women have them! That’s right. The women man.

In the ‘Lord of the Rings’ , Gimli states that no more than a third of the women possessing  ‘garments’ of men would wander about. Taking into context that their beards are considered part of their garments… even the freaking women had beards bro!

Now isn’t that emasculating…

Beard Me Up Scotty

Found some interesting beards… not of the usual “Windmill in my moustache” variety, but of the Fiction scene of course.

There is a top ten list and I think I’ll just choose my favourites as they are the most iconic in my opinion. Don’t agree? That’s absolutely fine, just as long as you know you’re wrong anyway.

3904492-albus_dumbledore_(hbp_promo)_2 beard-hagrid GandalfSW Jones_during_the_parlay the-wolverine-x-men-days-of-future-past-hugh-jackman-reconsiders-wolverine-retirement-jpeg-64965

So here we have: Dumbledore, Hagrid, Gandalf, Davy Jones and of course freaking Wolverine.

Even though there’s less beard on Wolverine compared to the others, he makes top five considering how he cares for it, grooms it with his claws and hydrates it with the blood of his enemies… Literally.

Davy Jones may not have hair in his (He did once) but his can kill people. KILL people.

I’m out

Does Your Beard Lift Bro?!

BeardLift is a phenomena whereby a biker will attempt to ride casually or even hastily, and his beard will scream “Hi Ho Silver Away!!!” and then proceed to lift up and assault his face because of the turbulent wind.

This may seem comical (or downright hilarious) but is actually a health issue for the wearer. After long periods of soaring the beard can strain the neck as well as affect the vision of the biker as he rides.

Apparently there are different methods of fixing this; such as tying up your beard, tucking it in your jacket or even braiding. Different companies that deal in bikes are implementing aerodynamic windscreens and jackets to negate the wind from your beard. Lets see how that goes shall we?


Steel Wool

What is it about bikers and their beards?

Try to picture a Stereotypical biker, and the Harley with the beard strapped to the handles almost always comes to mind (that being said the other would be the super-bikes). But why is it that bikers prefer to have beards? Role, Status, Style, or perhaps even initiation?

The answer: according to Yahoo (haha) is:

“Because they want to and don’t care what anyone else thinks”

BOOM. Your argument is invalid.